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Our Team

Tara Wilson

My official title is CEO.  In the business community, I am referred to as an entrepreneur.  Inside the walls of my office, they call me the rainmaker.  Clients like to refer to me as a dot-connecter.  


I founded my namesake experiential marketing agency to create emotional connections between our clients’ brands and consumers through imaginative, immersive and transformative experiences.  Since 2015, I have helped business giants like Samsung and Nike redefine brand engagement.   Under my leadership, we have assembled a team of fearless and creative marketers that understand the tremendous power of inviting people into a brand’s universe by way of an experience.


My path to CEO of TW Agency has not been a straight line. As a graduate of Auburn University with a BBA in Finance, I spent 9 years at Merrill Lynch, last holding the position of Senior Financial Advisor.  Drawing on my leadership qualities and passion for event design, I became an entrepreneur when I opened Tara Wilson Events™ in February 2007 and spent 8 successful years executing social events.  After gaining a local following and becoming an authoritative voice in the field, my burning interest in the business metrics behind events we produced inspired me to change the company’s direction.  Tara Wilson Agency was born in 2015.


I have appeared on a variety of national and local media outlets including The Today Show, Entrepreneur.com, Smart Money’s Small Business, MSN’s Business on Main and Fox Business to name a few. I largely credit my business success to my involvement with the Entrepreneurs Organization's Accelerator program.  I served as Chair of EO Accelerator Fort Worth for 3 years and continue to serve on the Global Sub-committee of EO Accelerator which sets strategy for the program worldwide.  


I live in Fort Worth with my husband and our two feisty Labs.  In my free time, I love traveling. I also enjoy a good physical challenge.  As such, I've run 9 marathons, 3 half-Ironman, and 1 Ironman.

LilyBeth Brenneman

Lead Production Manager


My official title is Lead Production Manager.  Around the office, I am known as LBB.


I am a strong believer that while we live in a digital world, there is no substitute for face-to-face interactions. I am passionate about helping create positive memories for people. In my role, I oversee and manage the small details that are the building blocks toward the overarching goal. I am the person you want in the weeds.  


I believe that the most important thing in life is our relationships. One of my strengths is positivity; I look for opportunities encourage others. I love that what I am doing is creating and fostering relationships with our clients and with vendors. 


As the youngest of 5, and the only girl, I'm one tough cookie. A Fort Worth native and TCU grad, I love to paint and spend time with my husband Tyler and our mini golden doodle, Goose.

Jeff Meade

Head of Strategy


My title at the agency is Head of Strategy. The team refers to me as "the man" since I happen to be the only guy on the team. 


I am an accomplished, strategic marketing executive with 15+ years of progressive experience developing and implementing traditional and non-traditional marketing plans. My expertise spans e-commerce growth plans, digital marketing programs, and social media strategies in a both a corporate and consulting environment.


My extensive retail experience is complemented by a practical understanding of a wide range of industries including consumer goods, fashion, entertainment, automotive, education, financial services, and telecom.


Off the clock, I am a dad of three, husband, mentor and coach. You can find me outside running, playing basketball, or snowboarding down the nearest snowy mountain. 

Audrey Miranda

Production Manager


Officially I am a Production Manager. Inside the walls of TW Agency, I am known as the office sleuth, for my uncanny ability to find information. 


I have a seriously can-do spirit that doesn't quit. I started working with TW Agency mid-way through college as an intern, and upon graduation from SMU was hired full-time. I am told I got the job because I am a team player who will not hesitate to roll up my sleeves to get the job done.  


I am a lover of corgis, especially my own Stella and all things Kate Spade. And if you want the dirt on anyone or anything... just ask me, the super sleuth.  

Dawn Snodgrass

Art Director


Officially at TW Agency, I am the Art Director. Unofficially my coworkers say I am the irreverent comedian of the bunch.  


I have a strategic eye for trend-spotting and an innovative mindset that leaves people asking, "How did she come up with that cool idea?" I bring fresh ideas and creative concepts to our client's brand activations. I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients both inside and outside of the agency world, making my skill sets broad. My interests have always been in alternative media tactics, and I truly enjoy figuring out how to combine my knowledge and experience in new ways to deliver the best creative to clients.

  When I am not working, I can be found on a patio with a margarita or having a get-together with friends. And when adventure calls, my passport is ready. I have visited over 25 countries, most recently South Africa.   

Jean Vaughan

Staff Accountant


Just like Norm on Cheers, everybody knows my name. I am the keeper of the corporate finances, and vendors love me. 


I hold the position of Staff Accountant and have many years of experience in tax preparation, accounting services, payroll services, budgeting and small business administration. My honesty, integrity, and professionalism are qualities many people appreciate and are just a few of the attributes that make me great in my role.


Family is a priority for me. I have one daughter, two sons, and two adorable grandsons. When I'm not visiting my children, I am involved in equestrian activities and enjoy spending time in the stable with my horses.



MetroPCS Tour

Market: MetroPCS reps in Dallas, New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Objective: To train MetroPCS reps on the Samsung ecosystem and the variety of products available to them for right-fitting each customer.

Date: June 2017

Overview: A five city tour was launched with the focus of the new Galaxy S8.  Each training session reinforced the message that the entire Samsung device line up comes together to create a fit for any situation.  Reps had the opportunity to demo the ecosystem of products including DeX, Gear VR, Samsung J3 and Samsung J7 devices.  Additionally, reps were educated on the powerful features of the low-light camera and how to launch Samsung's AI, Bixby.


T-Mobile B2B Galaxy S8 Tour

Market: T-Mobile B2B reps in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York

Objective: To educate and reinforce the marketing message to T-Mobile B2B reps that the Samsung ecosystem has a variety of products available for every customer in a B2B setting, from the janitor to the CEO. 

Date: June 2017

Overview: A five city tour was conducted with the primary focus on the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.  Each training session reinforced the message that the entire Samsung device line up comes together to create a fit for any enterprise customer across their employee spectrum.  Following the training, potential customers joined their T-Mobile sale rep for a rooftop cocktail hour to learn more about the Samsung/T-Mobile partnership for business and how it could meet their needs.


Market Learning Kit - with graffiti artist Gonzo247

Market: T-Mobile employees nationwide

Objective: To educate T-Mobile new hires on the Samsung ecosystem of products, create brand loyalty and increase rep recommendations to consumers.

Date: Summer 2017

Overview: Custom boxes were filled branded items such as pop sockets, custom socks, and an illustrated coloring book, used to support market learning at T-Mobile stores nationwide.  The custom coloring book was illustrated by graffiti artist Gonzo247, aka Mario E. Figueroa, Jr. of Houston, Texas.


Samsung National Training Meeting

Market: Samsung Field Sales Managers (FSM)

Objective: To equip Samsung FSM’s with product messaging and demos to drive sales for all carrier reps directly following the launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices.

Date: Spring 2017

Overview: Over 1,200 Samsung FSMs gathered in Las Vegas for the introduction of Samsung’s newest flagship device, the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Training sessions were tailored to resemble the different mobile carrier stores, placing FSMs in environments that allowed them to practice their skills in a real-world setting. Gamification drove competition between sales regions and individuals and was tracked using a RFID points system. At the conclusion of the training conference, reps “cashed out” their points for prizes in the Samsung Pay pop-up shop.



Lubbock Factory Store Summer Kick-Off

Market:  Lubbock, Texas

Objective: To generate excitement and build awareness of the Nike Factory Store in Lubbock, Texas.

Date: Summer 2017

Overview: Through two Nike Master Trainer led workouts, excitement, and awareness of Nike was increased in the college town of Lubbock, Texas. The day began with a morning skills drill course for Young Athletes, complete with a post workout refresh at a custom smoothie bar. In the afternoon a NTC workout was conducted for adult participants. All participants walked away with a branded workout towel, water bottle, tote bag, and flash tattoos. Participation exceeded state goals by over 20%.


Centennial Celebration

Market: MetroTex Members and Community Stakeholders 

Objective: To help MetroTex celebrate 100 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth community throughout 2017.

Date: 2017

Overview:  Over the course of 2017, MetroTex has conducted multiple activations to raise awareness and foster community involvement with the organization.  Highlights include five tree plantings throughout the DFW Metroplex where 20 trees were planted and 100 were given away to participants to encourage them to plant roots through homeownership.  As part of the year-long centennial celebration, a four-part breakfast series was established to provide mentorship to new Realtors.  In late spring, a farm-to-table dinner was hosted featuring a collaboration with celebrity chef Dean Fearing and Outstanding In the Field.  In early fall the Scott Brothers will be the featured speaker at a MetroTex luncheon for 750 guests.  All activations have been designed to reinforce the message “Home is Where Your Roots Are.”


Market Learning Kit - with illustrator Niki Pilkington

Market: T-Mobile employees nationwide

Objective: To educate T-Mobile new hires on the Samsung ecosystem of products, create brand loyalty and increase rep recommendations to consumers.

Date: Spring 2017

Overview: Custom boxes were filled branded items such as pop sockets, custom socks, and an illustrated coloring book, used to support market learning at T-Mobile stores nationwide.  The custom coloring book was illustrated by artist Niki Pilkington of New York. 


Free Revolution

Market: Students at Ohio State University (OSU)

Objective: To introduce Nike Free Running and training innovations to OSU students as well as to drive Nike + membership and engagement.

Date: Spring 2016

Overview: The activation was designed to help Buckeyes identify their fitness ruts and provide the innovation and inspiration needed to break out of their workout routine.  Students participated in footwear trials for Nike Free Revolution and joined Nike Master Trainer, Flor Beckmann, and Nike Run Club Coach, David Coligado, in a Run/Train Nike Training Class on the iconic South Oval lawn.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Tour

Markets: T-Mobile reps in Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Cleveland, and Houston

Objective: To train T-Mobile reps on the Samsung GS7/S7 Edge devices with demos that they could replicate in store for customers.

Date: Spring 2016

Overview: T-Mobile and MetroPCS selected their top sales reps to attend the hands on learning event for the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. A total of 1,220 reps were trained on device features including lowlight camera, Samsung Pay, and IP68, Samsung's water resistant feature. The training had social media reach of over 116,000 and 92% of reps in attendance rated the training 5 out of 5 stars. 


T-Mobile B2B Knox Tour

Market: T-Mobile B2B reps in Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and New York

Objective: To train reps on the features of the new Galaxy S7/S7 Edge devices, Samsung Knox and the ecosystem of products suitable for enterprise businesses. 

Date: June 2016

Overview: A seven city tour was launched with the focus on Samsung’s proprietary device security called Samsung Knox. The training activations were held inside bank vaults to reinforce the message of security. Upon completing the training, T-Mobile sales reps invited their top prospective enterprise customers to enjoy a casino night inside the vault. The customers were also able to interact with various demo stations alongside their reps.  Each interaction garnered the customer a ticket that was entered for a chance to win a Samsung prize from the wall of custom built Samsung Knox lock boxes.

Samsung & MetroPCS

Sponsorship at SneakerCon

Market: New York Sneakerheads

Objective: To raise brand awareness of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and MetroPCS with the millennial male.

Date: August 2015

Overview: Occupying a prominent space on the SneakerCon show floor, Samsung and MetroPCS created hype around the Galaxy S6 through a strategic collaboration with Mache of Mache Custom Kicks.  Mache was tasked with creating six pairs of semi-custom Nikes and two pairs of full-on custom Nike Air Jordan 1, with Galaxy G6 branding, which were raffled off during SneakerCon.  The space was designed as a stage with a red-carpet-style photo backdrop where sneakerheads, who demoed the GS6 device, could get up close with some of Mache's most sought after custom work.  They were also entered to win a pair of Nike Air Jordans that was fully customized by Mache. Before, during and after SneakerCon, Mache and DJ Funkmaster Flex, of Hot 97, created buzz through their social media channels. The results were an aggregate social-media reach somewhere north of 4.6 million. There were 30,000-plus likes on Instagram alone for this activation.


Get Out Here - Ohio State University

Market: Students at Ohio State University (OSU)

Objective: To bring the Get Out Here Challenge and Hyperwarm messaging to life at Ohio State University through a Nike Training Club (NTC) live experience.  

Date: December 2015

Overview: Students were encouraged to embrace and train through winter by gearing up with Nike Hyperwarm. Students participated in the ultimate outdoor workout with a Nike Master Trainer, Martin "Nedu" Egwuagu, complete with an opportunity to trial the latest Nike innovations.


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